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Bettina Stuurman draws her inspiration by guessing her way through city and nature sceneries, capturing moments and colours as they come on her way. 

Taking photographs during those wanderings allows her to focus on details that might be missed out by just passing by. 

These random impressions are then converted in contemporary paintings and drawings.


Using materials from acrylic, oil paint, pigments & printing ink on canvas or paper, to mixed media - pencil & ink drawings on paper and collages, she expresses herself either with vibrant colours or with mono colour compositions.

Her latest works are compositions of meaningful photos and texts collected from random newspapers & magasines blended in colourful doodling and drawings.

There is a constant questioning and searching to find a disruptive relationship between shape and colour. These graphical works have erupted after years of painting abstract labyrinths, provoking the viewer to create his own story. Shape and colour being the link between both practices.


You would need a bit of time to absorb the complexity of the random shapes and colours when looking at her latest abstract works. To finally discover what the human brain would understand as recognisable figures, not meant to be but suddenly popping out of the crowd.


Currently based in London, Bettina has studied art at the Ecole des Beaux Arts Wavre (Belgium) and the College of Art in Edinburgh. 


She has participated in numerous exhibitions at the Espacio Gallery in East London. She has exhibited at the Gallery Different in London as well as in galleries in Belgium and France.



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